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San Diego CA Family Law Attorney – Divorce Lawyers in San Diego, California

San Diego Family Law Attorneys

Our family law attorneys handle matters involving areas of family law including: divorce (uncontested divorce and contested divorce); military divorce; separation agreements; alimony, child support and visitation modification; adoptions – foreign and domestic; and contempt suits. We will represent through the entire process including at trial or through mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Disputes between family members affect the whole family and often friends. Most people find themselves overwhelmed with their circumstances and often find it difficult to deal with family law issues. We are here to relieve your stress and less your concerns by going over your options in detail for you to make the most informed decision.

San Diego California Divorce Lawyers

Divorces are complex and often scary, making it difficult to understand and sort through the legalities. Our divorce lawyers are experienced in all issues related to divorce and ready to expertly advise you in such things as separation agreements, spousal support, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, alimony, child custody cases, child support, and property and asset division. We will educate you on your options and the potential outcomes of each. If you are considering divorce or find yourself faced with divorce proceedings, please contact California divorce lawyers for a consultation.

San Diego Military Divorce Lawyer

We not only have the skills and knowledge for California divorce, but we have the knowledge regarding the issues unique to military divorces. Our family law attorneys will take you through the issues involved in a military divorce such as child custody, visitation, and support; alimony; pension concerns; and property and asset divisions to ensure your know your rights and options and can make an informed decision.

San Diego Child Custody & Child Visitation Lawyers

Child custody cases and visitation disputes are upsetting for all parents as well as the children. Our lawyers will work with you as you and your spouse work out an agreement for who retains custody of your children, the terms of visitation and the amount of support necessary. If an agreement cannot be reached, the court will make a determination based on the children’s best interest. Visitation & modification can be made at any time by either parent.

San Diego, California Child Support Attorneys

During and after a divorce financial resources are divided between two households, often lowering the standard of living of both. Child support may be agreed to by the parties, but if not, the court, mediation, or Alternative Dispute Resolution may be required. The proper legal representation will help insure that your children are protected. Failure to pay child support payments may require filing a contempt suit.

San Diego Adoption Lawyers

Adoption, while a thrilling time for potential parents, requires understanding several rules to be followed for foreign and domestic adoptions. Our caring and competent attorneys will guide you through the entire process, starting with how to find a child to adopt, all the way through bringing the child home. We are here to take your through the process of adoption – foreign and domestic and help sort through any obstacles that may be put in your path.

An experienced family law attorney is important when you find yourself going through a separation or divorce, child custody cases, contempt suits, child support modifications, and adoptions. Our California family law attorneys provide you with experienced representation to take the uncertainty out of the process. You deserve attorneys who will explain California family law to you in a way you understand, so you can make an informed decision.

Specializing in San Diego CA divorce and California family law, our lawyers can provide you with competent and dedicated representation.

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